Please, stop

Somehow, despite all appeals to good sense, taste and decency, those bequiffed jokers Jedward are still clinging onto what remains of their career in the music industry with vice like talons. The hows, the whys and the wherefores are irrelevant, frankly, all that is known is that they need to be stopped, as soon as possible.

But no! The pair are still recording music, someone is still giving them studio time. They’re even planning on releasing an album – Planet Jedward – and releasing a single – All The Small Things – as well. It’s got to stop, someone, please, make it stop

‘In the studio and ('All The Small Things') is such a rock pop song!’ the irritating pair wrote on Twitter. ‘We were recording and we were rocking out and john punched me in the face.’ Do carry on in that vein, John.

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