Please stop

Few things are more embarrassing than watching your idols (or even just people you respect) soil themselves with tacky advertising campaigns, usually with two-bob businesses that won't last the decade, run by shysters with the expressed intention of screwing over ordinary people before defecating on them. Darts legend Bobby George's sickening advert trying to get people to flog their gold at a discount rate so that a bunch of opportunists can melt it down and sell it on for more is a prime example of this. Or it would be, if anyone ever respected him.

Anyway, Iggy Pop has been hawking himself for Swiftcover insurance, presumably for a pretty penny, but still, it's not fun seeing a middle-aged man making a tit of himself alongside a puppet of himself called Little Iggy, especially when they were involved in some of the most important developments in pop music history.

'Iggy loved the fact that last year's campaign stirred up a lot of emotion, so this year we've played on the controversy with even more irreverent humour,' said marketing director Tina Shortle, assuming that the words 'controversy', 'irreverent' and 'emotion' aren't just sickening buzzwords that evil ad people use to spread their poison. 'The introduction of Little Iggy allowed Iggy to play against type and become the chilled-out, golf-playing rock star whilst Little Iggy causes havoc.' Check out the vid below, and weep for the future of humanity.

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