Plenty more fish in the MC

After announcing that ‘Computer and Blues’ was to be The Streets’ swan song last month, Mike Skinner is taking over guardian.co.uk/music this week to promote the fledgling MCs of the British grime scene.

Skinner, who admitted that after ten years of trying to do something different with The Streets had finally ‘run out of avenues’, has currently seized control of the guardian music site for a week of podcasts, free album streams and a general celebration of the ‘new wave of MC talent’. The takeover, which got underway yesterday, will include articles written by Skinner-advocated writers Chantelle Fiddy and Ben Thompson who will combine efforts with Skinner’s nephew photographer,Ben Cannon, in order to document the fresh faces of the UK underground dance scene.

A decade on from the massively influential ‘Original Pirate Material’ Skinner is stepping down to make way for laudable new MCs such as Ghostpoet and Drake. As Chantelle Fiddy’s article declares: ‘British rap has been in the shadows for too long. Now a new wave of MCs is bringing its hidden talents to light’.

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