Police action after Eggy Episode

A 17 year-old who broke into Sydney’s Acer Arena on April 29th and threw a load of eggs at heartthrob Canadian singer Justin Beiber – also aged 17 – during a live concert has been charged on three crime counts.

According to the the NME police arrived at the egg-pelter’s home this morning and he was subsequently charged with breaking and entering, trespass and malicious damage. The wayward teen, who cannot be named as he is still considered a minor, is reported to have broken into the Acer Arena through the roof before he proceeded to pelt eggs onto the performing Bieber below. He has now been released on bail and will face charges at a children’s court in Sydney on June 2nd.

To the relief of legions of Bieberites none of the eggs actually hit their hero and he remained physically unscathed by the incident. Video footage of the incident, showing the eggs smash onto the stage just narrowly missing Bieber and his backing dancers as they perform the My World show has gone viral and has been viewed over 1,300,000 times. Presumably to mixed reactions.

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