Pop ‘on my own terms’

Pop envelope pusher Diplo has vowed to never ever let pressure from inside the music industry affect what he does.

The producer, who has collaborated with Robyn, M.I.A. and Beyonce, told PopEater magazine that success must always come on ‘[his] own terms’.

’It's always about doing pop on my own terms,’ he explained. ‘I would get bored if I made the same record over and over again.’

‘For me it's important to do cool s*it and just be proud of what I do. I love learning and employing different sounds and different kinds of music.’

Diplo also managed to whet the whistle of fans by revealing that he has many projects in progress.

He added: ’There's a lot of stuff going on as far as pop and rap, but I'm not at liberty to talk about it. I'm always looking for someone that's different - someone that is progressive and that's pushing things forward.

’They have to have some level of marketability so that's our job as the label to navigate our artists into the mainstream. So far we've been pretty successful at that.’

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