Pop pays tribute to Michael Jackson

A series of American pop stars have lined up to salute Michael Jackson with what is a pretty cringe-making tribute song, featuring the exact sort of saccharine, meaningless lyrics which make Puff Daddy's Notorious BIG tribute look hard-edged. Speaking of which, Diddy's involved in this one too.

Alongside him in the making of Better on the Other Side are The Game, Chris Brown, Polo, Mario Williams and Boyz II Men (remember them?), who practically mature some some cheddar on record while they gush over someone who not a week ago was being roundly pilloried by everyone going, and who hadn't made a worthwhile record in over two decades. Just take a look at these lyrics.

'This is a type of song that make the angels cry, look up to the sky and wonder why, Why had you go, I know its better on the other side...chosen from the star, never going to let you go.' Ugh. But if you do want to have a listen, check out the link below.

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