Popjustice Prize 2010

As musos wet themselves over the Mercury Prize shortlist and the (apparently) best 12 albums of the last 12 months, music goss website PopJustice have unveiled their best songs of the last year. Music fans look away now.

Eloquently titled the Popjustice Twenty Quid Music Prize (the Mercury Prize winner received £20,000, you see) the 12 contenders have been described as all ‘f**king amazing’. Here are the 12...

Alexandra Burke - 'Bad Boys'
Mini Viva - 'One Touch'
Mini Viva - 'Left My Heart In Tokyo'
Mini Viva - 'I Wish'
Sophie Ellis-Bextor - 'Bittersweet'
Groove Armada - 'I Won't Kneel'
Example - 'Kickstarts'
Hurts - 'Wonderful Life'
Nerina Pallot - 'Real Late Starter'
Diana Vickers - 'Once'
Marina & The Diamonds - 'I Am Not A Robot'

Girls Aloud won the prize last year for their single 'The Promise' and the ginger one joked that she felt ‘liberated’ after she pocketed the £20 note prize’.

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