Arctic Monkeys lost a few fans with their last LP, ‘Humbug’: compared to the previous two records it was extremely rocky, mildly psychedelic and well, a bit American. And we all know that modern American rock is blunt and lacking in subtlety – we not likey.

Thankfully the band have said that their upcoming record – ‘Suck It And See’ – will be a lot more poppy than its predecessor, something that we think will be positive: the band were at their best when having a musical style that best allowed the lyrics to shine through.

‘Some of the songs are a bit more instant,’ said the band’s drummer Matt Helders. ‘A bit more poppy, certainly, than ‘Humbug’ was. It's enjoyable for us and the listener. And it's maybe a bit more easy going. Not easy listening, but with a few poppier tunes. But in an interesting way.’

‘With Humbug we recorded 25 songs and narrowed it down afterwards. This time we had a clear idea of where we were going before we even went to the studio.’

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