Power to the Person

In the same week that John Lennon’s killer Mark Chapman was denied parole at his 6th attempt, a much less sobering story has been reported, that another legendary Beatle is to get one of the biggest US accolades from one of the biggest US names.

Sir Paul McCartney will follow in the footsteps of Bob Dylan, Brian Wilson, Robert De Niro and Steve Spielberg and will receive a prestigious award for his lifetime contribution to American culture. The Big Macca will be given the award on December 5th at the 33rd Annual Kennedy Center Honour from none other than President Of The United States himself Barack Obama. Niiiiiiice.

Speaking with trademark modesty about the award Macca said ‘President Kennedy was such an icon for us in the '60s and his presidency was so inspiring for so many people that it is a great pleasure for this kid from Liverpool to receive this honour.’ (this kid from Liverpool? - pur-lease - Ed)

Paul McCartney for President campaign starts................NOW!

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