P-P-P-P-P-P-P-P-Pokey pay

We all like Spotify. After all, where else can you get top quality streaming music for nuffink, or for a small monthly fee on your iPhone or (as of now) Symbian S.60 handset? Exactly, even if we knew of others, we wouldn’t talk about them, because Spotify is clearly the best. So there.

For us lazy consumers, who don’t have an artistic bone in our flabby, ungrateful bodies, it’s all gravy baby, but is it any good for those poor starving artists? Apparently not, at least if Swedish newspaper Expressen is right. They claim that for one million plays of mega-hit Poker Face in Sweden the never knowingly overdressed Lady Gaga receives just $167 from Spotify. Whuh?

As it stands Ms Gaga has sold over four million albums and more than 20million digital downloads, so she’s probably doing all right, but what about those smaller artists? Will they starve? Do you even care?

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