Preaching from the Wire

Manic Street Preacher and socialist firebrand Nicky Wire has launched an impassioned defence of boy band extraordinaire Take That, claiming that their 2006 single Patience is the greatest comeback single in the history of pop.

‘It's the greatest comeback single in history (see? - Ed). If Neil Young had written it, people would be calling it a masterpiece.

It's got such a dark lyric: “My heart is numb, has no feeling/So while I'm still healing/Just try and have a little patience”. There's also a maturity about it that suits the boys all grown-up.

The bassist told The Guardian that not only does he love the song, but that he almost started on Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner for slagging them off at an awards ceremony in 2006.

‘Gary Barlow is a genius, I won't have anyone argue against him. When Alex Turner slagged off Take That I nearly lost it. James (Dean Bradfield) was grabbing me by the arm, saying, “Don't lose it, Nicky”. You get so many alternative bands banging on about how to make perfect pop, and this kicks all their arses.’

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