Preaching to the converted

Standing proud amidst a stage strewn with soft toys and Welsh flags, framed by actor Tim Roth's artwork, the Manic Street Preachers showcased songs from their new album 'Postcards from a Young Man', alongside classic tracks such as 'Design for Life' and 'Everything Must Go' at the Hammersmith Working Men's Club last night, NME reports.

Though the gig itself involved more than a number of difficulties, such as a false start for the new album's first single '(It's Not War) Just The End Of Love', the band worked their way through an extensive set-list, accompanied on stage by a string quartet.

At one point, the band commented on their release of an album last year as a tribute to ex-band member and presumed deceased friend Richey Edwards: 'Last year we did that album 'Journal For Plague Lovers'; that's dedicated to him in effect.'

'Postcards from a Young Man' will be available from 27 September this year.

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