Prepare to go Gaga again

In these days of downloading and Spotify and iTunes, rarely can an album release have the same event status they often did in yesteryear. But if anyone can create that kind of fuss about an album, it's Lady Gaga.

After all, her last album, The Fame Monster, was the biggest-selling album worldwide in 2010, and she's just finished a massive world tour. She is, as they say, hot.

Well, the fuss-machine is building up. Born This Way, the singer's second or third album (depending on how you count it - don't ask), is out in March, and Team Gaga have just confirmed that the first single will be the title track. Gaga's expected to sing it at the Grammys on February 13th.

Which gets us wondering... what's the likelihood of a Gaga appearance at the Brit Awards, also in February at the O2? Pretty high, we reckon...!

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