Prescott presses Marr for Smiths reunion

Labour politician John Prescott has thrown his not inconsiderable weight behind the campaign to get The Smiths to reform. Prescott, who has maintained a close interest in popular music ever since a member of Chumbawamba threw a bucket of ice over him at the Brits some years ago, has tweeted Johnny Marr on the subject.

Marr, possibly with tongue in cheek, had made a proposal at the NME Awards, suggesting that if notorious Smiths fan David Cameron were to dismantle his coalition government, the band might consider a reunion.

"We won't be reforming this week," Marr said. "Maybe if the government stepped down. If this government stepped down, I'll reform the band. How's that? That's a fair trade, isn't it? I think the country would be better off, don't you? I'll do it if the coalition steps down."

Prescott tweeted to Marr: "Hello Johnny. Just to say we'll work really hard on that reunion! #pleasepleaseletmegetwhatiwant". He followed up with another tweet later: "Please reform #cosheavenknowsweremiserablenow."

The dilemma facing the Prime Minister is whether to carry on in government, or split up the Conservative-Liberal band and let everyone enjoy the return of Morrissey and Marr. Marr has already told Cameron that he is forbidden to like The Smiths.

Marr said that he was still in touch with Morrissey. Regardless of the political situation though, a reunion does seem unlikely, not least because of the considerable grudge Morrissey still holds against the other Smiths, Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce. Maybe Prescott could play the drums?

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