‘Pressure isn’t real’

Being dubbed one of the sounds of 2011 is usually a kiss of death, but James Blake is taking the hype surrounding his debut LP very much in his stride, revealing that he doesn't feel pressured about what people will think of the album.

The singer and producer, who bears an unfortunate resemblance to Nick Clegg, feels he did ‘the most honest job’ he could, as he releases his self-titled album this week.

’Pressure isn't real - it just isn't. I can't make my album any better now it's done,’ said the youngster to The Scotsman.

‘My attitude to everything has always been: do the most honest job you can.’

The starlet contends that his genuinely intriguing new album, which has been described as ‘minimalist dubstep’, was largely inspired by Canadian song-writing legend Joni Mitchell.

‘Joni Mitchell's album Blue totally destroyed me and then built me back up again,’ he revealed. ‘Second year at uni, I listened to it every day for six months.

’Every diary entry would have read, 'Got up, made toast, put on Blue.' But it was music that always stayed in my room - I never listened to it outside. Actually, come to think of it, I never went outside much that year.’

Listen out this Sunday for the album chart to see whether James Blake’s new album makes it into the top ten.

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