Prince to play Glasto

King of Glastonbury Michael Eavis has managed to persuade Prince to play at the farm next summer, headlining alongside middle of the road giants, U2 and Coldplay.

A well-placed source at the farm told The Sun, 'Michael was very keen to get the line-up sorted early and is over the moon at securing such massive acts. He is a huge fan of Prince and has been trying to nab him for years. The fact it's been tied up so quickly is a big but welcome shock.'

The knowledgable source also said, 'Coldplay are currently in negotiations about taking a headline slot. Michael has previously said Coldplay's set in 2005 was his personal favourite and is very pleased to be welcoming them back. U2 were a fairly obvious capture. Michael immediately had his sights set on them after they were forced to cancel this year and they were very happy to oblige.

A real feast for fans of Dad Rock...

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