Princess Stripperstar

Can you remember Princess Superstar? She had one hit over here – Bad Babysitter – and was around very briefly afterwards, generally not doing much of any note. So it’s not much of a surprise to us that she has had to punt for funding for her latest album The New Evolution, including a $10,000 price on a private burlesque striptease.

However, should you not wish to see the rapper strip down to her smalls for that rather enormous fee, you can also pay $10 in advance for a download of the album when it is completed, $15 for a signed CD through Pledge Music, or you could have dinner cooked for you by her at your place or hers.

‘I thought very deeply about how I can engage directly with you and also offer you exclusive items and experiences that you would normally NEVER be able to get hold of,' she said. 'Some of these are very intimate, some are educational and fun, and one is WILD AND SEXY AS HELL!!! Ooh la la!

‘Also, I will be donating a proportion of the money I make to PETA in support of the wonderful work they are doing to protect the animals. So take a look at what I wanna give you and JUMP RIGHT IN!’

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