Are you a Take That fan? Good! Well, you’ll be excited by this little gem of tit-bit music news. The man-band have named their new album, and it’s called ‘Progress’.

‘Progress’ is Take That’s 6th album (yes, they’ve been that prolific) and will be the follow-up to their mega smasher ‘Circus’. It has a release date on November 22nd with a single called ‘The Flood’ released the week before, and all tracks will be produced by Madonna, Kylie and Scissor Sisters’ knob-twiddler Stuar Price.

Oh, and someone called... apologies if we pronounce this incorrectly ....Robert.....Williams (?!) will feature on all the songs. We have absolutely no idea who this chump is, but we predict with a un-rock’n’roll name like ‘Robert’, he won’t be in the band for long.

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