Progressing nicely

Take That are now officially ‘on tour’, and, most excitingly, for the first time in 15 years with the group's prodigal son Robbie Williams in tow.

Friday saw them kick off proceedings in Sunderland’s Stadium of Light, with Robbie Williams telling the crowd to expect ‘the best show in the world’.

What they got was a career-spanning set that included ‘Pray’, ‘Never Forget’ and ‘The Flood.’ There was no place in their set for signature song ‘Take That and Party.’

As usual, Robbie Williams placed himself in the centre of things, with his own mini-set of solo material midway through, and apparently ad-libbing at one point on the topical theme of super-injunctions, singing: ‘I've just done some coke and I've shagged a whore, that's what a superinjunction is for.’ No stranger to controversy, that’s our Robbie.

Conversely, Mark Owen told the Sun at his ‘pride’ at being back onstage with Williams.

‘We forget because we have been hanging around so much together, but the fact that all five of us are up there again is a brilliant thing. We just can't wait to get out there for the next two months. Then who knows what will happen?’ he commented.

Er, perhaps another album, then another, less-successful tour before you call it a day?

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