Protest against X-Factor’s Diana and 'that hand'

It appears it’s not just us who think Diana Vickers’ constant hand gesturing on the X-Factor is frankly getting a little tedious.

Over 8,000 X-Factor viewers have joined Facebook groups protesting against the 17 year old’s face-stroking claw.

"I am going to make it my mission to travel down to London and cut off her f****** left hand if she does not stop touching her face with it. Yes, you have a hand, yes you have a face, but you don't need to caress it every week." said one riled poster.

Watch 'the claw' in full swing, then check out the kooky wannabee performing ‘Corned Beef’ by Blondie......

Diane Vickers sings Corned Beef
Diane Vickers working the claw

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