PSY releases follow up to Gangnam Style

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South Korean K Pop maestro Psy released his much-anticipated new single on Thursday. The track is called Gentleman – but the Herculean task of trying to follow on from Gangnam Style must be weighing heavy on his mind.

CLICK HERE TO WATCH: PSY's 'Gentleman' - Video

The video for Gangnam Style is the most popular video ever on YouTube, racking up more than one and a half billion hits. Despite the recent Harlem Shake, craze – Gangnam Style and its trademark horse dancing still stands in a league of its own.

Youtube aside, the song sold 3.59 million digital copies last year in the United States and Canada alone, according to Nielsen SoundScan and Nielsen BDS. Those are huge sales in today’s market and made it the ninth highest selling song for the year - no mean feat considering most people listened to it through Youtube. It was third on Amazon's MP3 song bestseller list for 2012.

The details of his latest single, "Gentleman", were kept top secret until the song was released at midnight in New Zealand (1200 GMT).

In the tradition of Gangnam Style – the song is rammed full of wry Korean references and and contains the lines "I am a party mafia!" and the refrain, "I am a mother father gentleman".

CLICK HERE TO WATCH: PSY's 'Gentleman' - Video

Psy, 35, will perform "Gentleman" in public for the first time on Saturday at a concert at Seoul's World Cup stadium. Having heard the single, the world is now waiting with bated breath to see what the dance moves will look like. Psy has been keeping it all under wraps for now – merely hinting that it will be based on traditional Korean dances.

"All Koreans know this dance but (those in) other countries haven't seen it," Psy told South Korean television last week.

He has asked fans to wear white to Saturday's event and his stylist told Reuters last month that the concept for the new song would again be a formal suit with "an unexpected twist of fun".

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