Pub rock

Liam Gallagher stunned locals at a boozer in Manchester last Friday by treating them to an impromptu performance of Oasis hits.

The 90s rocker was up north visiting his mum Peggy when he popped in the Town Bar in the Heaton Moor suburb of the city. Taken by the genreal festive atmosphere prevalent in the city, the star took to his feet and gave shocked revellers a surprise set.

Pub bosses tried to close the pub in order to accommodate the star but the mouthy Britpop man insisted they keep it open so he could continue to perform for drinkers, according to the News of the World.

The singer told the pub's owners, ‘If I'm here, then people will come in - right?’

Of course Liam, in their droves.

The former Oasis-man performed a number of hits, including several Oasis songs such as Don't Look Back In Anger and Wonderwall.

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