Public Enemy bring twice the noise

Why release one album when you can release two seems to be the attitude in 2012. After Green Day announced their outpouring of creativity, Public Enemy also declared they had two albums in the can for later in the year.

Public Enemy frontman Chuck D described the albums, entitled Most Of My Heroes Still Don't Appear On No Stamp and The Evil Empire Of Everything, as "fraternal twins". "They’re not identical, but they will talk to each other," he told Billboard.

"The statement with these albums isn't so much just within the content but in the audacity of the release," Chuck D, an artist who has always been interested in the business side of the music industry, explained. "Just like,'What the hell? Two albums that bookend the summer? What the hell?!' But we know we've got a fan base that's kind of acclimatised and used to albums because we were the first to come along and kind of bring a concept album to the hip-hop marketplace. So we oblige this year by doing not one, but two."

The albums will not be released simultaneously, but the release dates are close together, with Most Of My Heroes appearing first, probably in July. The albums from the crew that has long been regarded as the angriest and most politically-articulate outfit in hip-hop feature guest appearances by Rage Against The Machine, and Henry Rollins, and are produced by regular associate Gary G-Whiz.

London fans of Public Enemy can catch them at the South-West Four Weekender, taking place on August 25–26 on Clapham Common.

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