Public funding

Public Enemy have received enough money from fans to record their new album, after pitching up on Sellaband trying to get their supporters to donate money.

PE, once upon a time the biggest, baddest voice in hip-hop, have been reduced to this odd method of funding an album, and even had to lower their target sum from around £200,000 ($250,000) to only £51,000 after a long, slow period of fund raising. You can see just how long here; the scheme was first put in place well over a year ago, and hasn’t had much in the way of luck since then.

‘We just received word that our fundraising campaign has completed,’ the band said. ‘This is truly a great moment for us and we owe it all to our fams on Sellaband– our true 'Believers'.

‘It has been a long and winding road. We've had explosive starts, media attention, corporate troubles, media criticism, recalculations and finally resurgence. When its all said and done, the bottom line is that we never lost faith in ourselves, our fams and the future of fan funding as a model.

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