Queen may reform, says Roger Taylor

You'd think that what with the death of their iconic frontman Freddie Mercury, and apparent disinterest of their lead guitarist Brian May, that Queen would have definitively given up the ghost by now. But apparently not: the band's drummer Roger Taylor says that they could make a comeback for some live shows, including one at next summer's Olympics in London.

However, there will be no John Deacon, and now Brian May, and certainly no Freddie, so who will their be? Taylor and former Free singer Paul Rodgers, who recorded and toured with the rest of the band between 2004 and 2009. That's not really Queen at all, is it? No it isn't. Really what he's suggesting is that he and a mate go out and perform some Queen songs; but that's not really the same thing.

'I wouldn't rule it out,' said Taylor. 'In fact I read the other day Paul said he wouldn't mind doing something. If something came up as special, we could maybe do that, maybe the Olympics or something. But I certainly wouldn't rule it out and he is a wonderful singer, there's no doubt about that.'

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