Queens Of The Digital Age

Lots of bands these days try their best to get one step closer to their fans but Queens Of The Stone Age may have come-up with one of the finest efforts so far.

Lead singer of the US band Josh Homme, was on Zane Lowe’s BBC Radio 1 show last night (May 31) and has asked the station’s listeners to choose their set list for their upcoming headlining Glastonbury performance. Fans of the band can vote now until 9pm on June 9th with the 10 most popular songs being inked into for their Worthy Farm set. You can cast your vote from the 50 at bbc.co.uk. And if you don’t have a ticket for the festival then don’t fret, the highlights from the set will be broadcast on Radio 1 on June 27th.

Queens Of The Stone Age play The Other Stage on Saturday June 26th.

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