Quell that teen spirit

The live music scene is facing a huge crackdown on underage drinking which will see that teenagers are breathalysed upon entry to gigs, the NME reports.

As live music becomes increasingly linked with big brands and corporate sponsorship, a ‘War on Fun’ ensues. Scottish ska band Dead Sea Souls were recently forced to cancel an under 18s gig when twenty of their fans failed a breathalyser test, and it looks like the puritanical stance on teenage drinking is set to continue.

A spokeswoman for the Academy Music Group released a statement explaining that, ‘All of our venues nationwide take the protection of children very seriously. We work closely with local councils and the police, who from time to time may request the use of breathalysers as an additional measure.’ Charging £4 for a can of Carling poured into a plastic cup is doubtless another restrictive measure to avoid excessive merriment.

So, what’s a music loving teenager to do? Like the NME states ‘We're in danger of sanitising the joy out of live music - replacing sticky floors and drunken kids with a bland, middle-aged world of polite punters, cash machines and well-scrubbed surfaces.’

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