Quiet, please

Good old crazy Rufus Wainwright, he’s always worth some good copy, isn’t he? Only last week he claimed that fruity old 50 Cent was as gay as a window, using his lisp as reasoning, now he’s asking fans watching his current run of UK shows not to clap until it is appropriate to do so. Sounds like a lot of fun, Rufus, honest.

‘Rufus has asked us to pass on this message to everyone attending his shows on the tour. The first part of the program will be performed as a song cycle with visuals by Douglas Gordon,’ a message on his official website said. ‘During the first set, Rufus has asked that you please do not applaud until after he has left the stage. His exit is part of the piece.

‘After a brief intermission, Rufus will return for the second part of the show during which you may applaud to your heart's content.’ That’s nice, isn’t it?

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