Quincy Jones sues Michael Jackson estate

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The legendary music producer Quincy Jones is suing the estate of the late Michael Jackson for millions of dollars in signs that the ugly infighting over the iconic and troubled singer’s earnings is showing no sign of abating. Jones, who has been nominated for a record 79 Grammys, has been credited with an key role in developing Jackson’s solo sound and helping shape his musical identity by producing such albums as ‘Off the Wall’, ‘Thriller’ and ‘Bad’

Jones' lawsuit seeks at least $10 million from the singer's estate and Sony Music Entertainment, claiming that between them, they improperly re-edited songs to deprive him of royalties and production fees. The edited versions, which were apparently tweaked just enough to claim that they no longer qualified as being produced by him were used in the film "This Is It" and two Cirque du Soleil shows based on Jackson’s music.

Jones also insists in his suit that he should have received a producer's credit on the music in "This Is It." And as lawsuits in the US go, this one seems serious, as instead of placing an arbitrary number on it, it demands to see the estate accounts, so that it can determine the exact figures in question.

The Jackson estate swiftly released a statement "To the best of its knowledge, Mr. Jones has been appropriately compensated over approximately 35 years for his work with Michael," Meanwhile Sony have thus far not issued any comment

Jackson's hits "Billie Jean," ''Thriller" and "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough" are among the songs Jones claims were re-edited to circumvent paying him. Mr Jones says they also broke an agreement giving him the right to remix master recordings for albums released after Jackson's death in 2009.

The lawsuit also states the producer's contracts specified that he was to have the first opportunity to re-edit or alter the songs, in part to protect his reputation.

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