Quite literally Ludacris

Ludacris has had to defend his new song ‘Sexting’, during which he very gently pokes fun at Tiger Woods’ wandering phallus. At the start of the song he performs a mock version of the voicemail Woods left one of his conquests, imploring her to take her name off her phone, while later on he imagines a conversation between the teacher and the golfer. Really it’s just a bit of daft fun, but nonetheless he had to come out and defend it. God knows why mind you.

‘If I'm making fun of Tiger Woods, I'm also making fun of myself,’ said Luda to MTV. ‘This is what happens. So I'm just bringing to light what's really going on in the world.

‘It's very entertaining. And I do feel as though he may have handled it wrong... I would say, ‘Let’s go play some golf and talk about it’ - I take that back – I’d say, ‘Let's go to the sex rehab place together and let's discuss it. Let me know where your sex rehab place is and I'll let you know where mine is. We got some things to get off our chest’.’

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