Quitty Williams

Robbie Williams has revealed that he almost ducked out of the Take That reunion only months after rejoining the band.

Williams admitted in the documentary Look Back, Don’t Stare: A Film About Progress that he didn’t feel physically well enough to continue with what was always going to be a gruelling recording and touring proposition, and had to be convinced by Mark Owen to follow through with it.

‘I wasn't very well physically,’ Williams said. ‘I just didn't feel as if I had the energy to do it. It was a scary prospect to be out there amongst something that was so huge, feeling so depleted of life force.’

‘I went round to Rob's house and I went round a couple of times, because it's just better if you can talk to each other I think,’ said Owen. ‘We said, 'Forget about promotion, forget about touring' because that's a big thing, it's always daunting.

‘‘You know, it's a year; let's just say we make this record, look at how many days it's going to take us max,’ and we worked out, ‘It's going to take about 30 days of you being in the studio this year, do you want to do it?’ ‘Yeah, I wanna do it.’ ‘Well, do you have 30 days spare?’ ‘Yeah I've got 30 days spare.’ ‘Well right, let's do it’.

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