Racists boo Madonna

Madonna was roundly booed by thousands of her own racist fans on Wednesday when she decided to speak out against prejudice and violence towards Roma gypsies in Eastern and central Europe.

The Queen of Pop was performing in the Romanian capital of Bucharest when mid-way through her set she started to talk to the audience, and encourage them to fight the racism shown towards them.

‘I've never been to Romania before and I am happy to be here,’ she said while jeers filled the sold-out 60,000 capacity stadium. ‘But I found out that there is a lot of discrimination against gypsies in eastern Europe and that makes me very sad, especially because we believe in acceptance, gypsies, homosexuals, people that are different. It makes me very sad. Everyone must be treated the same, don't forget that.’

She then decided to stick her fingers up at the crowd after realising that they weren’t appreciating her message. The Roma dancers and musicians that were used during part of her set can’t have felt too delighted about the abuse either. Have a look at the video to rubberneck some racism.

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