Radio 6 gets into the vinyl groove

It was supposed to be a redundant format. Vinyl was the scratchy stuff your granddad listened to as he sang along to his Bing Crosby albums, surely?

Instead, those old LPs, 12” singles and 45s became the coveted artefacts of indie kids. Rejecting the soulless digital age of the download, stubborn consumers continued to buy music the old way, relishing the smell of freshly-pressed vinyl, and the space on those lavish record sleeves.

These days ambitious new bands continue to release limited-edition 7” singles alongside their Facebook free music and digital downloads. Despite the predictions, vinyl seems to have a healthy future as a niche product.

Radio 6, the station of choice for nostalgists and indie-kids alike, celebrates the vinyl fetishist on New Years Day with a day of music entirely on vinyl. Guest presenters include Jarvis Cocker and Guy Garvey of Elbow, while musicians and artists including Arctic Monkeys and Radiohead talk about their love of vinyl.

DJ Don Letts, who played the records at the Roxy in London during the heyday of punk rock in the mid-70s, will bring in his collection of old vinyl singles for his three hour Radio 6 show.

The day marks the end of a month's celebration of vinyl on Radio 6, a station that, ironically, exists only in the digital format. The station's editor Paul Rodgers explained: "In a world dominated by digital music, vinyl is a format still close to the hearts of many music lovers and increased sales demonstrate its enduring appeal."

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