Radiohead hit the road

Just as we were starting to look forward to a cheerier 2012 comes the news that Radiohead will take their brand of stadium-filling gloom-rock on tour next summer. It should at least provide some stark contrast to the reformed Stone Roses serving up a reheated version of the hedonism of 1989.

After a previously-announced American tour in February, Radiohead will play a series of Italian dates in June and July, starting in Rome on June 30. Further details of European and UK gigs will be announced in the next few weeks.

On their previous world tour. Radiohead played a broad range of material from all stages of their career. Clues given by guitarist Ed O’Brien suggest that the 2012 tour will feature a large chunk of material drawn from the King Of Limbs album, released in February 2011. That piece of information may affect the ticket-purchasing plans of all but the most dedicated fans.

The band, or at least singer Thom Yorke and guitarist Jonny Greenwood, were last seen performing in the UK with an impromptu and unannounced set at Glastonbury. It was a fairly uncompromising set list, although the last 2 numbers left the fans with the relative crowd-pleasers of Karma Police and Street Spirit.

Meanwhile the band continue to issue remixes of the King Of Limbs tracks on their website. They have already released an entire album of remixes, and recently added three more versions of album tracks. So, if it didn’t sound quite right the first time, don’t give up...

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