Radiohead play surprise Glasto gig

It's always the same with Glastonbury; before a note is plucked, all the build-up buzz is on the trio of headliners. But once the final revelers have left, the highlights are the unexpected moments not included in the programme.

Those fortunate enough to be loitering around the Park Stage on Friday Evening, were treated to a surprise performance from the better half of Radiohead. Lead squealer Thom Yorke whizzed through a solo show drawing from his solo album ‘The Eraser’ but the real delight came when his Radiohead team mate Jonny Greenwood joined him on guitar.

In the 9 song-set the duo played Radiohead songs; 'Weird Fishes/Arpeggi', 'Pyramid Song', 'Idioteque', 'Karma Police' and 'Street Spirit (Fade Out)'. Just a warm-up for their headlining set next year? They will have a new album to promote after all...

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