Radiohead update!

It can’t come soon enough, but we may be wrapping our lugholes around the highly anticipated new Radiohead album very very soon. The band have been holed-up in their studio for the past 12 months or so working on brand new material, and now they’ve spilled the beans on when we can hear it, or to be precise, half a bean.

Scribbling on their always excellent blog deadairspace guitarist Jonny Greenwood gave a much needed R-head update, ‘We’re in the studio but haven’t quite finished the album yet’. Apart from being very vague about the new stuff he was much the same when it came to touring stating; ’nor have we yet considered any touring. The plan is to have no plan until the record is finished.’

The phrase ‘none the wiser’ springs to mind. Still. WE! CAN’T! WAIT!

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