Radiohead’s secret show

While all the fuss from those watching Glastonbury from the comfort of their armchairs was around the big gun headliners U2, Coldplay and Beyonce, the biggest buzz on Worthy Farm was surrounding who this year’s secret gigs would come courtesy of.

Last year half of Radiohead made a surprise appearance at the Park Stage, and this year the Oxford band returned to that very stage but with all the members to piledrive through a live rendition of their new album ‘The King Of Limbs’. Here’s what Radiohead played on Friday evening...

  1. 'Lotus Flower'
  2. '15 Step'
  3. 'Morning Mr Magpie'
  4. 'Little By Little'
  5. 'All I Need'
  6. 'Separator'
  7. 'Give Up The Ghost'
  8. 'Arpeggi'
  9. 'Staircase'
  10. 'I Might Be Wrong'
  11. 'Bloom'
  12. 'Reckoner'
  13. 'The Daily Mail'
  14. 'Street Spirit (Fade Out)'

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