Raffa at rest

Hundreds of fans gathered to pay their last respects to the song-writing legend that was Gerry Rafferty, who was laid to rest in his home town of Paisley, in Scotland on Friday.

The man who gave the world Baker Street, and the Stealer’s Wheel classic Stuck in the Middle With You, died of liver failure earlier this month after battling long and hard with alcoholism.

Among the mourners were Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond, and the Scottish singing duo The Proclaimers. But comedian Billy Connolly, who formed folk group The Humblebums with Rafferty, was unable to come due to touring commitments in Australia. He was said to be ‘devastated’ to have missed it.

Playwright and artist John Byrne delivered the eulogy, remembering Rafferty as ‘very single-minded, which he used wonderfully well.’

He added: ‘He had hundreds and hundreds of wonderful, brilliant and marvellous songs. He was very, very funny, Gerard. He was a very serious and very thoughtful person.

‘When I saw him in Stroud a few weeks before he died, his spirit was strong and he had a serenity about him which I thought was wonderful.’

A sad end to the life of a song-writer whose talent was often overlooked.

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