Rage against the drum machine

Angry Foo Fighters' frontman and former Nirvana sticksman Dave Grohl has lashed out against bands who use drum machines and modern studio trickery.

'All that sh*t ruins music these days,' he told The Sun . 'Drum machines work for pop artists but when it comes to rock 'n' roll - don't f*ck with the human element.'

Grohl (or should that be Grrrohl – he's angry, geddit?) said the Foos most recent effort Wasting Light was recorded in his garage to escape such modern jiggery pokery.

'I had favourite drummers because of their inconsistencies,' Grohl added. 'Modern production has robbed drummers of personalities and it really p*sses me off.'

We agree. Old fashioned drumming is hard to beat. And if you fancy some (drumming that is) then scoot on down to London's iTunes Festival next Monday (July 11) and catch Foo Fighters live.

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