Randy Travis arrested for being drunk and naked

Country singer Randy Travis was arrested while trying to buy cigarettes naked. The 53 year-old singer was found near a crashed car and was charged with driving while intoxicated. Travis is a country music legend in the USA and has sold over 20 million albums and had 16 number ones on the country music charts. His music is rooted in the traditional and conservative end of the genre.

After the crash Travis reportedly walked naked into a convenience store and asked for cigarettes. He apparently became abusive after the assistant enquired how he planned to pay for the pack.

Travis refused to take a breath test when arrested, and police said that the singer threatened to "shoot and kill the officers working the case." He was eventually bailed for $21,000 and was pictured leaving the station house without any shoes. The intoxication charge might be relatively minor, but Travis could face jail time for the felony of threatening police officers.

The whole scene could have come from one of Travis’s blue-collar country anthems about working men and their troubles. Travis was a teenage hellraiser in the 70s, when he was arrested for auto theft and burglary and came close to doing jail time. He cleaned up his act when he came under the wing of Lib Hatcher, a club owner and manager who later became Travis’s wife.

It may or may not be coincidental that Travis’s recent woes have followed his divorce from Hatcher, who had been his partner for 30 years and wife for 19. He was arrested earlier this year when found drunk outside a church in Sanger Texas, and was on probation.

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