Rap & rock royalty combine

Cee-Lo Green may have owned the summer with his potty-mouthed ahthem 'Forget (ahem) You,' but his Gnarls Barkley sidekick Danger Mouse was famous first - thanks to his fantastic mix album The Grey Album - and is returning to claim his rightful place.

And he's bringing some friends along for the ride. DM (we're pals) is making an album, to be entitled 'Rome', with Italian composer Daniele Luppi. To liven things up some more, he's recruited Norah Jones and Jack White to sing vocals.

Norah's sooty-smooth voice might be a bit too coffee-bar when paired with Danger Mouse's sophisticated soul samplings. But Jack White's primal rockisms sound like a much more interesting counterpoint. Ooh, hark at us with our music talk! Basically we just hope it's better than the last time Jack tried to duet with a soul singer:

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