Rare Beatles album sells for $15,000

Rare Beatles memorabilia continues to maintain value for collectors, at least on ebay. A copy of a very scarce early Beatles vinyl LP has sold for just under $15,000 on the internet auction site.

The LP was Introducing The Beatles, a US compilation from 1964, their first album release in the States, by just 10 days ahead of With The Beatles. It includes songs such as Love Me Do and PS I Love You.

The album was initially scheduled for release in July 1963, but was delayed for copyright reasons. What made the ebay version valuable was a production mistake in the original pressing.

The Beatles’ first US label Vee-Jay Records printed 6,000 album front covers, but an error meant they had no back covers. Instead they replaced the tracklisting and credits with an advertisement for 25 other albums on the same label. This version is extremely rare, which accounts for the $14,999 bid on ebay.

Prices raised for recent Beatles items suggest there is still plenty of investment opportunity for any memorabilia related to the Fab Four. A signed copy of their early single Please Please Me was sold for £9000 last year.

Items with a personal touch, or that reveal the character of the Beatles, are particularly prized. An angry letter from John Lennon to Paul and Linda McCartney about the breakup of the band, full of recriminations and swear-words, was sold to a collector for £61,000 last year, although that was still £5000 short of the initial asking price.

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