Rawk on!!

Slash has confirmed a mouth watering line-up of collaborations for his forthcoming debut solo album, appropriately named ‘Slash & Friends’.

The former Guns n Roses guitarist, universally considered to be one of the greatest axe-men of all-time told Musicradar.com about his plans for his new project: "I wanted to get Jack White to sing on something, but he didn't want to sing. He said I'll play drums, I'll play guitar, but I don't wanna sing. He was one guy that I wanted to work with. Pretty much everyone else that I went after I managed to get."

Jeez, Dave Grohl, Flea and Alice Cooper have already appeared on the new album, and as long as Slash is playing guitar who gives a hootenanny? ‘Slash & Friends’ is due to hit download stores in early 2010. Follow updates on these and other collaborations on Slash' Twitter account Twitter.com/Slashhudson.

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