Razor re-lit

It’s all change at Razorlight HQ with a new line-up revealed in pictures that are doing the internet rounds.

The guitar heroes released a statement on their Facebook page confirming that two of the band’s original members - guitarist Bjorn Agren and bassist Carl Dalemo – were leaving the group, as well as unveiling their successors.

The statement reads: ‘We can officially confirm that founder members Bjorn Agren and Carl Dalemo agreed on an amicable parting following unproductive early recording sessions for a new album late last year. Agren is currently producing, remixing and playing guitar with Lucy Rose and Carl Dalemo is planning his own band.

’Gus Robertson (Mick Jones) comes in as guitarist and Freddie Stitz (Smokey Angle Shades) joins the band on bass. Skully, who took over when Andy Burrows left in 2008, continues as Razorlight’s drummer.’

That makes Johnny Borrell the last man standing from the original band. But will the flame in the new razorlit torch burn as strong? And was it Johnny’s ego that led to the departures?

The new line-up is due to play their first UK gig on April 3 in Edinburgh. It’s then festival time, as they headline this year's Guilfest.

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