Reading Festival Rules OK!

If you’re going to Reading Festival this year, don’t worry, the organisers haven’t literally imposed a no alcohol and no campfire rule. That would be utter rubbish. Due to some ignorant yoofs causing a little mayhem last year, though, for safety reasons restrictions will be brought into place for this year’s gathering.

According to Virtual Festivals, Reading Festival 2010 will restrict revellers from bringing alcohol and firewood onto the site after 6pm. There will also be a no campfire rule post 8pm. The decision was taken after Reading Borough Council reported a number of incidents at last year's festie: ‘as groups grew in numbers they began moving around the site committing crime and acting in a disorderly and anti-social manner.’

‘Numerous fires were started, telegraph poles carrying onsite lighting were tampered with, sections of fencing were ripped up and hedgerows, tents, rubbish and combustibles were set alight.’

Remember kids, everyone likes a drunk, noone likes a drink. No, hang on, reverse that.

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