Reading marred by interruptions

The Reading Festival has kicked off but been marred by a series of interruptions of major sets.

First the Libertines were asked to temporarily leave the stage just as they were getting into the swing of fan favourite 'Time for Heroes.' It's not clear why the band's sound was turned down and they were urged to leave the stage, but according to the NME, 'video screens showed fans being crushed at the front of the stage.'

After a few minutes, though, the reunited 'tines were allowed back on - picking up 'Time for Heroes' exactly where they'd left off.

Guns n' Roses didn't take it so well when they were asked to leave the stage. The band went on an hour late, at 10.30, and were still playing at midnight - half an hour after they were originally supposed to have stopped - when the sound was cut off by the organisers.

But Axl & co were having none of it, staging an impromptu sit-in - well, sitting down, anyway - on stage and playing an acoustic version of 'Paradise City.' (That bit sounds kind of great, actually.)

Organisers say the band are all set for the slot tonight at Leeds - let's hope they're a bit more timely...

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