Reality TV Star Kills The Radio Star

The British tabloids love a good chart battle to fill up tomorrow’s fish & chip paper, and over the years there have been some crackers; The Beatles Vs The Rolling Stones, Oasis Vs Blur er, and some others we can’t think of. Well this week there's another.

Alexandra Burke and Robbie Williams are going head to head for the No.1 UK spot this Sunday. Currently in the midweek chart, Burke’s single ‘Bad Boys’ is outselling Robbie’s ‘Bodies’ by more than 2-1. In the first day the X-Factor champ sold 90,000 copies while the X-Take Thatter shifted just 40,000.

Both performed on The X-Factor at the weekend. There was one clear winner. Check out their appearances below...

Alexandra Burke 'Bad Boys'

Robbie Williams 'Bodies'

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