Record Breaker

It’s no surprise, but it’s now it's official, Lady Gaga’s new album ‘Born This Way’ is flying-off the shelves both here in the UK and in her native States.

Released last week, the poptart’s second longplayer has already sold 215,639 copies in the UK, beating Adele’s ‘21’ by 10,000 units, which officially makes it the fastest-selling album of the year so far. And Lady Gaga fever is showing no signs of halting in the US either, with sales quickly topping the 1million mark in the first 7 days.

If you combine Gaga’s sales for her debut album ‘The Fame’ and ‘Born This Way’ she has passed now easily the staggering 3million mark. Oh, and that’s to not mention a mere 6million single sales. Talking about her rapid success Polydor’s Ferdy Unger-Hamilton grinned; ‘She's in a league of her own in terms of who she is and the type of superstar she is so we felt really confident about her return. She's achieved so much in such a short space of time. It was only two and half years ago that we released her first single’.


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