Record breakers?

The Beatles might be owning the singles charts, but when it comes to albums, there's only one game in town this week: Take That. New album 'Progress' sold over 235,000 copies on Monday, and has already sold well over 300,000, the NME reports.

The reunited-with-Robbie band are certain to claim the number one slot in Sunday's album charts. But that's not all: they're in with a chance of breaking the all-time first week album sales record, which belongs to Coldplay's 'X&Y', which sold 465,000 copies in its first week on sale in 2005 (but was, of course, a bit of a disappointment quality-wise).

What do you think? Can the boys do it? If they have to settle for second place at least they'd have the satisfaction of having beaten - oh, themselves. Yes, the second fastest-selling album in British history was their last album, 'Circus.' Boys done good...

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