Red, white and very Blue

OK, so we’re blurring the boundary between music and celebdom reporting on Blue’s Eurovision entry, but the band’s response to criticism of their entry made by, erm, Philip Schofield, is definitely worth sharing.

Last week, the white fox presenter took to Twitter (similar to taking to drink?). ’Well that's Eurovision screwed for another year!! Sorry guys, I love you together and individually... But that's a shocking song,’ the uncharitable ex-colleague of a furry gopher called Gordon wrote.

Take a look in the Mirror (we dare you)to find the boyband’s response. Of course they were none too pleased,chiding Schoffield’s reaction on the hilarious grounds of his lack of patriotism.

Duncan James said: ‘Maybe it's because Jason Gardiner is taking all the headlines on Dancing On Ice so Phillip Schofield felt he had to jump on the Blue bashing bandwagon.

‘He's British so we'd have thought he'd be a bit more supportive. He's clearly not patriotic - or he wouldn't have gone on Twitter and been so objectionable. It's pretty upsetting, to call the song ‘shocking’ isn't very nice at all. I thought he'd be a bigger man.’

Perhaps the group should practise wearing a thick skin before heading out to Germany to compete in this year's Eurovision Song Contest. Chances are, they’re going to need it.

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